Do’s & Dont’s Towards Hydrating The Skin

Do’s & Dont’s Towards Hydrating The Skin

Hey there, so now you’re probably thinking, ‘I totally get how important it is to maintain an oil/water balance on my skin, but… HOW?!?!?

Well, let’s start with the first step in any quality skincare protocol, a gentle cleanser. Cleansers can be real moisture robbing monsters on our skin. A good cleanser, on the other hand, is able to cleanse and lift debris from the pores and surface of the skin without stripping it of the needed natural oils. The best way to know if your current cleanser is throwing your complexion into an imbalanced state is by how it feels afterward.

Is it feeling quite tight, dry or itchy? If so it’s time to make the switch to a gentle, non-toxic cleanser. Fear not peeps, we’ll have a nice little chit-chat about the green light vs. red flag ingredients in an upcoming blog to help bring clarity to this big cloud of confusion.

The second critical step is in using hydrating mists or toners that offer proper pH balancing. When the skin’s slightly acidic pH balance of 4.5 – 5.5 is off our complexions suffer being vulnerable to dryness, dullness & environmental damage or possible breakouts. Non-toxic toners help restore the pH of the skin after cleansing.

People often think that if they only use water to cleanse it won’t throw their pH balance off..

WAH, WAH! Water has a 7.0 pH rating making it much too alkaline for a healthy, balanced complexion.

Keep an eagle eye on your toner label for ingredients such as drying alcohols as well. Yessiree, we’ve got your back this will also be discussed on the upcoming ingredients blog.

Now the tough one, it is vital that we limit our caffeine, alcohol and nicotine intake when seeking a healthy complexion. In today’s busy world, caffeine has become the main staple for assisting us in keeping up. We aren’t delusional enough to think that caffeine will be obliterated or anything. Just make every effort to incorporate this simple equation:

For every ounce of caffeinated liquid, you consume YOU MUST DRINK 3 OUNCES of purified water. Easy enough, right? When it comes to alcohol utilizing the “All things in moderation” is going to be your BEST approach. Drinking alcoholic beverages not only dehydrates our skin but it can cause inflammation and deplete our bodies of vitamins and nutrients.

Now the effects of nicotine… there are few better ways to offer Pre-Mature Aging to the skin than the mightiness of nicotine. It contains carbon monoxide which reduces oxygen and blood flow to the skin, which basically means the skin experiences a bit of suffocation with each exposure to nicotine whether from first hand, second hand or some form of contact with smoke laden items.

Alrighty, last order of business for this blog. Can you believe the weather & environmental conditions actually have a tremendous impact on our complexions? YIKES! Hot weather or overexposure to heaters, super hot showers, sweating from desert climates or workouts can dry skin out and require additional hydration with purified water. One more little shocker, being exposed to excess air conditioning follows right along with the above-mentioned drying symptoms.

This is NOT as hopelessly unattainable as it might sound, folks. It just requires a firm commitment to listening to our bodies, enough to know when we are needing to pamper our beautiful skin with pure, refreshing hydration.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE yourselves, our Pearl Family! XOXOXOXOX

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