Saving Face- Cleansing Shouldn’t Strip Your Skin

Saving Face- Cleansing Shouldn’t Strip Your Skin

Has your skin ever felt stripped & awful after a face washing? If so, you completely understand what we mean when we say, “awful.” Your skin probably felt tight & itchy… even as dry as the Sahara Desert. You may have noticed wrinkles and fine lines that you’ve never noticed before, and your skin may have felt as though it might have cracked if you squinted or smiled. If you’ve ever experienced these symptoms, chances are, the cleanser you used stripped your skin. Yikes!

How can you correct this situation? First you’ll want to embrace the natural oils that your body works so hard to create, but you’ll also want to find a balance between feeling clean, smooth and soft. This is where a good (and proper) cleanser comes into play. 

If you’ve struggled with finding an ideal facial cleanser, read on to learn about some suggestions and tips that will help you Save Face by putting your best face forward!

Tip #1-Go Organic and/or Vegan

You’ll never go wrong with a cleanser that boasts organic ingredients. Hey, your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs absolutely everything it comes in contact with. Keep your eyes peeled for labels that certify your cleanser as organic and/or vegan for optimal nourishment. 

Tip #2-Know Your Skin Type

Often times, cleansers aren’t a “one-size-fits-all” type of deal. If you have oily skin, you need a cleanser that will lift dirt and grime from the pores and not leave your skin feeling stripped or oilier than before cleansing. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, you need an ultra-moisturizing cleanser that also lifts the dirt and grime, but doesn’t strip your skin of much needed moisturization. Combination skin and sensitive skin have special needs as well. Once you know & understand your skin type, you can shop for cleansers with specific key ingredients in mind that are most beneficial to your skin. Proper cleansing is the first step to keeping skin looking beautiful and young. 

Below is an overview of some ingredients your cleanser should have based on your skin type:

Dry Skin-

  • Organic Shea, Flax, Coconut & Olive Oils
  • Oatmeal
  • Honey
  • Raw Goat’s Milk

Oily Skin-

  • French Green Clay
  • Chlorophyll
  • Mineral rich Sea Salts
  • Raw Goat’s Milk

VEGAN For ALL Skin types-

  • Organic Olive, Coconut, Flax & Shea Oils
  • Lavender & Bergamot
  • Benzoin
  • Comfrey leaf

Each of these ingredients are found in one or more of Tahitian Pearl’s 3 Facial Cleansing Bars and play an important role in complimenting your unique skin cleansing needs. Proper cleansing also offers a more luminous, supple skin tone.

Tip #3-Don’t Over Do It

You shouldn’t be washing your face more than twice a day. A light cleansing is suggested as soon as you wake up, and then again before you go to bed for the night. This ensures that dirt, oil, and residue that get trapped in your pores are freed, and you are left with supple, soft skin. 

Washing your face any more than twice a day with a cleanser can really dry it out and won’t give your skin a chance to release its natural oils (sebum).

Also, when cleansing your skin with Tahitian Pearl Facial Cleansing Bars, you don’t need to use much. They are concentrated and very effective, so a little goes a long way. Remember, there really can be too much of a good thing when it comes to wasting high quality skin care. 

Finding the right cleanser can be a bit of a science. Be sure to do your research regarding ingredients. Your skin is a rather visible part of you… and something everyone sees, every day. 

By following these simple tips & suggestions, the path to putting your best face forward will be a snap! 

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