Safely Exfoliate At Home

Safely Exfoliate At Home

Did you know that not all face exfoliators are created equal? We want to help you exfoliate at home in a manner that won’t cause more harm than good! By paying attention to some key ingredients and making a few minor adjustments to your exfoliation routine, you can be much more effective in attaining healthier, more radiant skin. 

So, Pearl family, let’s get into the nitty gritty of exfoliating!

Why Should You Exfoliate?

While exfoliating should not be a daily part of your routine, you should still find a way to incorporate it into your week. Exfoliating improves the quality of your skin by releasing oils trapped under dead cells and promoting a faster cell turnover rate. Using a gentle exfoliant prior to a specialty serum or sheet mask can help the beneficial vitamins and nutrients soak into the skin and increase their effectiveness. Sounds pretty fantastic right? It’s only fantastic if done correctly and safely!

Why Some Exfoliators Are BAD For You

While it may be tempting to purchase a face scrub that you’ve seen endorsed by a popular celebrity or rising influencer, be aware that hype doesn’t always mean quality. Many products contain cheap fillers and aggressive buffing ingredients that can cause excessive drying and micro-lesions on your face. 

A popular culprit is walnut shells. You can find walnut shells in face scrubs everywhere! From Walmart to department store shelves, walnut shell-based scrubs are one of the worst exfoliators you’ll encounter. Even Refinery29 addressed walnut scrub safety and the effects it has on skin according to dermatologists. https://www.refinery29.com/en-us/2019/05/233482/walnut-face-scrub-skin-safety-kylie-jenner

Another facial buffer that may not be as good as it sounds is coffee grounds. Marketers will boast about the benefits of caffeine for topical use, but there’s one big problem – it’s way too rough! It might seem like rough would be good because it’ll scrub away more dead skin and impurities, but the jagged edges may just cause tons of tiny scratches all over your face. This can result in an uneven complexion, small scarring, dark spots, and potential infections from bacteria entering the scratches.  

Beneficial & Gentle Yet Effective Exfoliating Ingredients

The number one way to shed off pesky dead skill cells is through enzyme exfoliation. Yes, this does sound rather intimidating, but we promise it’s not as scary as it may seem! This gentle method employs the naturally occurring enzymes in plant-based ingredients to give you the glowing skin you’re looking for. Two of the top enzymes for exfoliation are Bromelain and Papain.  

Bromelain, the enzyme derived from pineapples, is said to break down the skin’s dead proteins and then slough them off to reveal a more youthful appearance. Getting rid of the dead skin and trapped oil can also help prevent clogged pores which may lead to breakouts. Papain, papaya’s enzyme, is especially good for those of us with more tender skin since it’s not as irritating as glycolic acid. Papain enzymes promote luminous skin without the pain associated with many chemical peels.

Combined, these powerhouse enzymes can work wonders on troubled skin! If used correctly, you can safely exfoliate at home. Our Tropical Exfoliation https://tahitianpearlskincare.com/product/tropical-exfoliation/ combines these two fruit enzymes with soothing Aloe and Green Tea, moisturizing Safflower oil, and vitamin-rich Grapeseed extract. You only need to use this 1-2 times a week (preferably at night and followed by a serum or moisturizer) to see the best results! Since a little goes a long way, each bottle will last you about 3 months. For $45 (which is way less than ONE harsh chemical peel at a medspa), we’ll help you achieve your skin care goals.


Happy exfoliating, Pearl family!