Hello there and welcome to Tahitian Pearls Of Wisdom!

We love having visitors and hope that each time you pop in you leave having learned something new about how best to embark on your journey towards PRISTINE skin.

First on the list of must-knows is that we strongly believe in using only the very BEST ingredients in our skincare products and services.

This starts with being VERY particular in only sourcing: Organic, Cruelty-Free, Wildcrafted, Vegan, Pesticide-Free, Non-GMO, Kosher, Fair Trade or Ethically Farmed components.

Any idea why this is of the utmost importance to us?

Well, first of all, the skin is our largest organ.

At Tahitian Pearl, we really understand how imperative it is to scrutinize what is applied to it for numerous reasons. Not only does the skin assists the liver, kidneys, bowels & lungs in filtering & fighting against external toxins, free radical damage and pathogenic organisms, but it’s also the protective barrier for our internal organs, tissue, and cells.

You could call it a ‘mini immune system’.

Just imagine how overworked our actual immune system would be without such a powerhouse first line of defense! It would be virtually impossible for our body to fight off bacteria, viruses, disease, and infections.

As you can see our skin plays an enormous role in maintaining optimal health inside and out. (Go team epidermis!!!)

Errrrrk! Could we do a quick rewind back to that part where the skin is called the protective barrier?

Is it ever called something else?

Yes indeed, the protective barrier’s actual name is the Acid Mantle.

As we learned above it is quite the ALL-STAR when it comes to overall healthy skin. With that in mind, one might ask, “What does it take to keep my skin’s Acid Mantle functioning at peak capacity?”

Because the Acid Mantle is in the outer most layer of the skin, aka Stratum Corneum, it requires a balanced combination of lipids (oil) and hydration (water) to be strong enough to combat potential environmental intruders. Think of it as a personal shield of armor.

Seriously COOL, huh?

So how do we create that perfect balance?

Here’s the ABC’s for a great start:

  1. AWARENESS- Just being aware & knowing is a very effective motivational tool towards taking the proper steps in achieving a balanced Acid Mantle. (You can check this 1st step off your “To Do” list from simply reading this POW Blog)
  2. BE SELECTIVE- Consciously choose to protect your skin’s eco-system by not to allowing harsh or irritating agents to come in contact with your skin. This would include drying alcohols, toxic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, Mineral Oil, Petroleum Products, PEGs, Artificial Colors, Phthalates, unfiltered water, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, SLS etc.
  3. CHANGE & CALM- Change can be difficult for some of us. We get attached to the scent, popularity or how long we’ve used our current skincare products. But if those products aren’t truly nourishing our skin with wholesome ingredients our poor Acid Mantle can’t do its job. The journey to Pristine skin requires a CALM stress-free approach to CHANGE from old habits to reach a whole new healthy you!

When it comes to feeding and truly nourishing our largest organ, Tahitian Pearl’s skincare products really have you covered!

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