PRISTINE-CLEAN Liquid Facial Cleanser



Skin Types: Suitable for All Skin Types
4 fl oz | 120 ml | 3 Month Supply (Approx.)

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Tahitian Pearl believes in a wholesome approach so we have created 2 spectacular nourishing PRISTINE-CLEAN Facial Cleansers that will leave your skin feeling remarkably clean, balanced and refreshed whether you have oily/acneic/combo skin OR dry/aging/sensitive skin.


PRISTINE-CLEAN Cleanser for NORMAL/OILY/ACNEIC skin utilizes the pure simplicity of Castiles accompanied by the incredibly hydrating, super kind, creamy lathering effects of hemp oil.  As a major bonus to Oily/Acneic skin this cleanser offers outstanding antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal healing properties. Using this cleanser may liven the senses as it assists in working its way into the pores to help break-up and lift dirt and grime, leaving the skin feeling Pristine-Clean! PRISTINE-CLEAN Liquid Cleanser for NORMAL/DRY/SENSITIVE skin feels soft & supple not tight and dry after cleansing. Tahitian Pearl’s Normal/Dry/Sensitive cleanser is full of the purest, nourishing ingredients such as natural antioxidants & a unique combination of fatty acids from coconut oil that easily absorb and moisturize the skin, offering protection from environmental stressors. Oatmeal and Honey assist in restoring the skin barrier, and are excellent moisturizers with skin healing abilities such as being anti-inflammatory & having anti-oxidant benefits. Honey and Yucca Root have been reported to be a natural forms of sunscreen as well. Yucca Root & Grapefruit contain very high levels of Vitamin C which aide in the production of collagen. The anti-viral and anti-microbial factors of Grapefruit make it an impressive natural preservative. Acacia Concinna, an Ayurvedic Medicinal Plant, is one of nature’s low pH cleansers that doesn’t strip the skin. Papaya, Pumpkin, Pineapple and Jojoba diligently work to soften & gently exfoliate the skin, leaving it feeling Pristine-Clean! **Transitioning from dark blue bottles to black bottles.*

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Use approximately a pea size amount of Pristine Clean cleanser on fingertips. Apply with warm water on face, neck & décolleté. Work over area several times using upward circular motions to ensure full cleansing morning and night. Splash or use soft cloth with water to rinse thoroughly.


Filtered water, *Extra Virgin Olive Oil, * Coconut Oil, *Hemp Seed Oil, *Castor Oil, *Cocoa Butter, Sodium Alginate (USDA organic certification approved thickener), Natural Scent

*Denotes Organic Ingredient


*Coconut Oil, *Oatmeal, *Papaya, *Pumpkin, *Aloe, *Yucca, *Acacia Concinna Bioflavonoids, *Grapefruit oil, *Grapefruit extract, *Jojoba beads, NMF, Glycerin, Vitamins A, C, and E, *Pineapple enzyme, Xanthan Gum, L-Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin E Mixed Tocopherol Oil, Benzoin Powder, Citric Acid Powder, Grapeseed Extract, Green Tea.

*Denotes Organic Ingredient, ** Denotes Wildcrafted Ingredients

* Always check ingredients list before use in case of any allergies (ie. nut allergy etc.)

*Absolutely FREE of Parabens, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Propylene Glycol, Harsh Chemicals & Irritating Fragrances 

*Vegan Friendly  

*Store in a cool dark place 

*For external use ONLY

*Avoid getting in eyes

*Conduct small skin patch test for sensitivity

*Consult with physician if pregnant or medical conditions exist

Additional information

Weight0.50 oz
Dimensions3.00 × 3.00 × 5.00 in
Skin Type

NORMAL/OILY/ACNEIC- (Minty Fresh Scent), NORMAL/DRY/SENSITIVE- (Fresh Tropical Scent)

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