To Tone Or Not To Tone, That Is The Question…

To Tone Or Not To Tone, That Is The Question…

To tone or not to tone, that is the question of this Blog. Consider this… Toner is the powerhouse product you may not have known you needed! 

Indeed, one of the most overlooked and underutilized skin care products is toner! A good toner is a key component to any skincare regimen for many reasons. Toner helps to balance the pH of your skin, aids in regulating your skin’s oil production and moisturizes the skin. If you’re not already incorporating a high-quality toner in your skin care routine, let’s dive into just a few of the reasons why you need to start right now!

First of all, let’s talk about your skin’s pH. Why is pH balance so important for your skin? Skin, just like basically everything else in the world has a healthiest natural pH level. On a scale of 0-14, skin likes to be at a pH level 4.5 – 5.5. Certain cleansers and external conditions can alter the pH level of the skin which will kick your skin into overdrive to get itself balanced again. When your skin has to work hard to get rebalanced, it can result in an overproduction of oils which would then result in acne and clogged pores and potentially a cascade of skin issues. 

A quality toner works with your skin to restore its natural pH level, preventing the need for your skin to do the heavy work. When your toner helps your skin restore its pH balance, your skin will not have to produce more oils than are necessary, which helps tremendously if you already struggle with oily skin. If you have issues with dry skin, toner can help you, too! Not only will toner provide oil control, but it also offers added moisture & hydration to the the skin. If this fact alone doesn’t convince you why all skin types need toner added to their skincare arsenal, then read on, there’s even more benefits of using toner.

Toner also shrinks the pores which reduces the amount of dirt, grease and grime that’s able to permeate and clog them. Clogged pores can cause unsightly black heads and an overall increase of acne. Shrinking pores also gives your skin a more healthy, firm appearance and reduces the need for heavy cosmetic primers and pore fillers. 

With so many skincare products on the market, are all toners created equal? The answer is a resounding NO! If you want to receive the full benefits of toner, it’s important to invest in a quality product. Some toners are full of harsh chemicals and agents that overly dry out the skin as opposed to balancing, moisturizing and nourishing skin. At Tahitian Pearl, we put a lot of time and energy into formulating a toner using only the very best ingredients. 

Our Tranquil Toner comes in three varieties; Cucumber Crisp, Citrus Sunshine and Rosy La Fleur. Regardless of which scent you choose, each formula hydrates the skin and works to restore the skin’s natural pH level with hand-selected, wholesome ingredients. Aloe Vera, alcohol-free Witch Hazel, organic green tea, raw honey and hyaluronic acid combined with a few other organic, non-GMO ingredients come together in our spritzing toner to deliver a product that gives you refreshed and balanced skin. As an added bonus, after using our toner you won’t be left with a sticky or greasy residue that other toner products leave behind. 

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The Pearl Team 

Saving Face- Cleansing Shouldn’t Strip Your Skin

Saving Face- Cleansing Shouldn’t Strip Your Skin

Has your skin ever felt stripped & awful after a face washing? If so, you completely understand what we mean when we say, “awful.” Your skin probably felt tight & itchy… even as dry as the Sahara Desert. You may have noticed wrinkles and fine lines that you’ve never noticed before, and your skin may have felt as though it might have cracked if you squinted or smiled. If you’ve ever experienced these symptoms, chances are, the cleanser you used stripped your skin. Yikes!

How can you correct this situation? First you’ll want to embrace the natural oils that your body works so hard to create, but you’ll also want to find a balance between feeling clean, smooth and soft. This is where a good (and proper) cleanser comes into play. 

If you’ve struggled with finding an ideal facial cleanser, read on to learn about some suggestions and tips that will help you Save Face by putting your best face forward!

Tip #1-Go Organic and/or Vegan

You’ll never go wrong with a cleanser that boasts organic ingredients. Hey, your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs absolutely everything it comes in contact with. Keep your eyes peeled for labels that certify your cleanser as organic and/or vegan for optimal nourishment. 

Tip #2-Know Your Skin Type

Often times, cleansers aren’t a “one-size-fits-all” type of deal. If you have oily skin, you need a cleanser that will lift dirt and grime from the pores and not leave your skin feeling stripped or oilier than before cleansing. On the other hand, if you have dry skin, you need an ultra-moisturizing cleanser that also lifts the dirt and grime, but doesn’t strip your skin of much needed moisturization. Combination skin and sensitive skin have special needs as well. Once you know & understand your skin type, you can shop for cleansers with specific key ingredients in mind that are most beneficial to your skin. Proper cleansing is the first step to keeping skin looking beautiful and young. 

Below is an overview of some ingredients your cleanser should have based on your skin type:

Dry Skin-

  • Organic Shea, Flax, Coconut & Olive Oils
  • Oatmeal
  • Honey
  • Raw Goat’s Milk

Oily Skin-

  • French Green Clay
  • Chlorophyll
  • Mineral rich Sea Salts
  • Raw Goat’s Milk

VEGAN For ALL Skin types-

  • Organic Olive, Coconut, Flax & Shea Oils
  • Lavender & Bergamot
  • Benzoin
  • Comfrey leaf

Each of these ingredients are found in one or more of Tahitian Pearl’s 3 Facial Cleansing Bars and play an important role in complimenting your unique skin cleansing needs. Proper cleansing also offers a more luminous, supple skin tone.

Tip #3-Don’t Over Do It

You shouldn’t be washing your face more than twice a day. A light cleansing is suggested as soon as you wake up, and then again before you go to bed for the night. This ensures that dirt, oil, and residue that get trapped in your pores are freed, and you are left with supple, soft skin. 

Washing your face any more than twice a day with a cleanser can really dry it out and won’t give your skin a chance to release its natural oils (sebum).

Also, when cleansing your skin with Tahitian Pearl Facial Cleansing Bars, you don’t need to use much. They are concentrated and very effective, so a little goes a long way. Remember, there really can be too much of a good thing when it comes to wasting high quality skin care. 

Finding the right cleanser can be a bit of a science. Be sure to do your research regarding ingredients. Your skin is a rather visible part of you… and something everyone sees, every day. 

By following these simple tips & suggestions, the path to putting your best face forward will be a snap! 

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Your Pearl Family



In the last few blogs we have discussed the difference between dry and dehydrated skin, maintaining hydrated skin, and how to break down SUPER hard-to-decipher skincare ingredients. 

In this Tahitian Pearl Blog edition, we’re going to talk about Hyaluronic Acid and how this youth-booster helps to plump up skin, reduce the sign of aging, and fight against further skin damage. (uh, yes, please!) 

If you’re new to skincare and embarking on a vital part of this self care journey, you may not have heard of this powerful moisturizer quite yet. And if you are pretty well versed in facial products, you may know that this hard-to-pronounce acid is good for you, but not why. 

So, hyaluronic acid, what the hyal-uronic is it? 

Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan, translation: a naturally occurring substance in our bodies that provides structural support, making it paramount to the health of our skin and joints. The role of hyaluronic acid is to retain moisture, in fact one molecule of HA can hold up so 1,000 times its weight in water! As it locks in H2o, hyaluronic acid makes sure that our skin stays happy, luscious, and hydrated.

Unfortunately, just like it’s BFF’s in skin smoothening, collagen and elastin, hyaluronic acid molecules decrease as we age. As your skin looses this desirable compound, you might notice it appears less supple and firm, more pliable, and that wrinkles are more noticeable. Definitely nothing we want to sign up for!

The good new is that there are a lot of ways to add hyaluronic acid back into your body. In fact, plastic surgeons and cosmetic dermatologists favor hyaluronic acid as a dermal filler for crows feet, acne scars, deep smile and frown lines, facial scars, and burn treatments. But, don’t worry, you don’t have to go “under the needle” to reap the stunning effects of this organic powerhouse.

Your Pearl Fam’s got your covered. One of the best ways to use HA is in skincare products like lotions and serums. When applied topically, hyaluronic acid keeps skin moisturized day and night by sealing in water and preventing it from evaporating back into the air. The best vehicle for HA is as a serum, and the best method of administration is to apply when skin is slightly damp. After washing your face for the morning or evening, you can gently towel dry and pat on Tahitian Pearl Hydra Great Gel Serum. When your skin is slightly wet, the HA in the serum will absorb the residual water left on your skin, keeping your skin looking plumper and fuller. Be aware however, that applying HA to completely dry skin may have a less beneficial result, as this acid will try to extract moisture from the deeper levels of your dermis. 

Another great thing about this staple skincare ingredient is that it works well with most other natural skincare ingredients, some of which may already be in your existing routine. If you love using peels, vitamins, retinols, or other acids— don’t worry, HA can safely and easily be incorporated! The only thing you should be wary of combining it with is low-level pH acids, like glycolic acid. When mixed with acids that have low pH levels, hyaluronic acid breaks down and can become less effective. No thank you, we love our HA! 

If you’re hoping to improve your skin texture, moisture levels, and firmness, adding this moisturizing heavyweight to your lineup is a no brainer. Although you may be wary of using something called an “acid,” which brings to mind burning and tingling, rest assured that HA is soothing and supports healing. Hyaluronic acid products that use organic and fair-trade ingredients reduce inflammation and redness, and are gentle enough for people with eczema and rosacea. Even better, HA is an antioxidant that creates a barrier against UVB sunrays and damage. So, as you’re healing your skin, you are also defending it against further damage like sunspots, uneven skin tone, dry skin, and wrinkles.

I don’t know about you, but after listing all of these benefits I want to slather some on RIGHT NOW!! 


Your Pearl Fam

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Label Reading… What Language Is This Stuff Written In?

Label Reading… What Language Is This Stuff Written In?

Have you ever looked at the label of your skincare and thought, “Seriously, what language is this stuff written in?!?!?”


To be quite frank, this is precisely how we (Tahitian Pearl) came to realize the tremendous need for truly wholesome nourishing skincare products. We’d spent thousands of dollars on various skincare products in hopes of finding that something wonderful we could feel good about recommending to our adored clients (YOU). Sadly, nothing came close. This led us to resort to learning a new language, aka “Reading Labels”. Lol

The journey has been fascinating, frustrating and fulfilling for sure.

First, understand that it isn’t quite as daunting as it seems to get a quick snippet of info regarding the toxicity of each or even just one or two ingredients on the label. Simply right-click and Google search the name for multiple information resources. We suggest always looking at reliable industry respected sources.

Second, understand that labeling practices often utilize the INCI “International nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients”. Essentially INCI is the scientific term, which seems like foreign wording. Notice, however, that the common or more familiar name often follows in parentheses on the ingredients list making it much easier to understand.

Third and quite possibly the most important fact, ingredients are listed in descending order. This means that the first ingredient has the largest amount and the last ingredient has the least in the product. One of the reasons this is so important to know is because MANY skincare companies make the misleading claim to having nourishing ingredients in them, but the amount is at the bottom of the list & is so minimal that it has little or no benefit to our complexion. But they can’t fool you now!

Fourth, are the wolves in sheep’s clothing: harsh preservatives, petroleum-based ingredients, synthetic fragrances, and allergens/irritants. Let’s go back to right clicking and searching Google to find out what level of toxicity these often ‘bad boys’ rate. Did you know that there are preservatives that are allowed in U.S. skincare products, but have been restricted in Japan? For instance, according to EWG.org, IBPC is a water-soluble preservative that is acutely toxic by inhalation with a toxicity rating of 4-6 and was primarily used to preserve paint. Although this preservative retards bacterial growth, there is no doubt cause for concern on the long term affects it might have on us as it is often found in lotions, creams, lip balms, foundations, mascaras and more. Synthetic fragrances, petroleum-based ingredients, allergens & irritant are of utmost importance to understand as well. Any one of these can wreak havoc on the important eco-system of our skin without us even knowing until it’s a full blown issue. We will go into more detail on these culprits in a future blog, so stay tuned.

Let us be very clear Pearl Fam, knowing this information is NOT intended to create PANIC! Knowledge is power and once you have that knowledge you are EMPOWERED to choose the best path towards your Pristine Complexion. Take the challenge if you’re not already using Tahitian Pearl Skincare; right click each ingredient on your skincare product’s label. You might be shocked to learn what you’ve been slathering on your body’s largest organ. But not to worry, it’s never too late to change course to a brighter, healthier, Pristine Complexion.

It’s all about the wholesome nourishment! XOXOX

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Do’s & Dont’s Towards Hydrating The Skin

Do’s & Dont’s Towards Hydrating The Skin

Hey there, so now you’re probably thinking, ‘I totally get how important it is to maintain an oil/water balance on my skin, but… HOW?!?!?

Well, let’s start with the first step in any quality skincare protocol, a gentle cleanser. Cleansers can be real moisture robbing monsters on our skin. A good cleanser, on the other hand, is able to cleanse and lift debris from the pores and surface of the skin without stripping it of the needed natural oils. The best way to know if your current cleanser is throwing your complexion into an imbalanced state is by how it feels afterward.

Is it feeling quite tight, dry or itchy? If so it’s time to make the switch to a gentle, non-toxic cleanser. Fear not peeps, we’ll have a nice little chit-chat about the green light vs. red flag ingredients in an upcoming blog to help bring clarity to this big cloud of confusion.

The second critical step is in using hydrating mists or toners that offer proper pH balancing. When the skin’s slightly acidic pH balance of 4.5 – 5.5 is off our complexions suffer being vulnerable to dryness, dullness & environmental damage or possible breakouts. Non-toxic toners help restore the pH of the skin after cleansing.

People often think that if they only use water to cleanse it won’t throw their pH balance off..

WAH, WAH! Water has a 7.0 pH rating making it much too alkaline for a healthy, balanced complexion.

Keep an eagle eye on your toner label for ingredients such as drying alcohols as well. Yessiree, we’ve got your back this will also be discussed on the upcoming ingredients blog.

Now the tough one, it is vital that we limit our caffeine, alcohol and nicotine intake when seeking a healthy complexion. In today’s busy world, caffeine has become the main staple for assisting us in keeping up. We aren’t delusional enough to think that caffeine will be obliterated or anything. Just make every effort to incorporate this simple equation:

For every ounce of caffeinated liquid, you consume YOU MUST DRINK 3 OUNCES of purified water. Easy enough, right? When it comes to alcohol utilizing the “All things in moderation” is going to be your BEST approach. Drinking alcoholic beverages not only dehydrates our skin but it can cause inflammation and deplete our bodies of vitamins and nutrients.

Now the effects of nicotine… there are few better ways to offer Pre-Mature Aging to the skin than the mightiness of nicotine. It contains carbon monoxide which reduces oxygen and blood flow to the skin, which basically means the skin experiences a bit of suffocation with each exposure to nicotine whether from first hand, second hand or some form of contact with smoke laden items.

Alrighty, last order of business for this blog. Can you believe the weather & environmental conditions actually have a tremendous impact on our complexions? YIKES! Hot weather or overexposure to heaters, super hot showers, sweating from desert climates or workouts can dry skin out and require additional hydration with purified water. One more little shocker, being exposed to excess air conditioning follows right along with the above-mentioned drying symptoms.

This is NOT as hopelessly unattainable as it might sound, folks. It just requires a firm commitment to listening to our bodies, enough to know when we are needing to pamper our beautiful skin with pure, refreshing hydration.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE yourselves, our Pearl Family! XOXOXOXOX

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