Label Reading… What Language Is This Stuff Written In?

Label Reading… What Language Is This Stuff Written In?

Have you ever looked at the label of your skincare and thought, “Seriously, what language is this stuff written in?!?!?”


To be quite frank, this is precisely how we (Tahitian Pearl) came to realize the tremendous need for truly wholesome nourishing skincare products. We’d spent thousands of dollars on various skincare products in hopes of finding that something wonderful we could feel good about recommending to our adored clients (YOU). Sadly, nothing came close. This led us to resort to learning a new language, aka “Reading Labels”. Lol

The journey has been fascinating, frustrating and fulfilling for sure.

First, understand that it isn’t quite as daunting as it seems to get a quick snippet of info regarding the toxicity of each or even just one or two ingredients on the label. Simply right-click and Google search the name for multiple information resources. We suggest always looking at reliable industry respected sources.

Second, understand that labeling practices often utilize the INCI “International nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients”. Essentially INCI is the scientific term, which seems like foreign wording. Notice, however, that the common or more familiar name often follows in parentheses on the ingredients list making it much easier to understand.

Third and quite possibly the most important fact, ingredients are listed in descending order. This means that the first ingredient has the largest amount and the last ingredient has the least in the product. One of the reasons this is so important to know is because MANY skincare companies make the misleading claim to having nourishing ingredients in them, but the amount is at the bottom of the list & is so minimal that it has little or no benefit to our complexion. But they can’t fool you now!

Fourth, are the wolves in sheep’s clothing: harsh preservatives, petroleum-based ingredients, synthetic fragrances, and allergens/irritants. Let’s go back to right clicking and searching Google to find out what level of toxicity these often ‘bad boys’ rate. Did you know that there are preservatives that are allowed in U.S. skincare products, but have been restricted in Japan? For instance, according to EWG.org, IBPC is a water-soluble preservative that is acutely toxic by inhalation with a toxicity rating of 4-6 and was primarily used to preserve paint. Although this preservative retards bacterial growth, there is no doubt cause for concern on the long term affects it might have on us as it is often found in lotions, creams, lip balms, foundations, mascaras and more. Synthetic fragrances, petroleum-based ingredients, allergens & irritant are of utmost importance to understand as well. Any one of these can wreak havoc on the important eco-system of our skin without us even knowing until it’s a full blown issue. We will go into more detail on these culprits in a future blog, so stay tuned.

Let us be very clear Pearl Fam, knowing this information is NOT intended to create PANIC! Knowledge is power and once you have that knowledge you are EMPOWERED to choose the best path towards your Pristine Complexion. Take the challenge if you’re not already using Tahitian Pearl Skincare; right click each ingredient on your skincare product’s label. You might be shocked to learn what you’ve been slathering on your body’s largest organ. But not to worry, it’s never too late to change course to a brighter, healthier, Pristine Complexion.

It’s all about the wholesome nourishment! XOXOX

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Is There Really Any Difference Between Dry Skin & Dehydrated Skin?

Is There Really Any Difference Between Dry Skin & Dehydrated Skin?

Dry skin, Dehydrated skin…potata, potato…tomata, tomato, right?

NOPE, not even close!

Remember in our last Tahitian POW when we talked about having a balanced Armor aka Acid Mantle? We mentioned that the skin’s Armor “requires a balanced combination of oils (lipids) and water (hydration) in order to maintain a healthy complexion.

Well, when that oil (lipid) balance is lacking, we end up with a skin type called DRY skin. The skin’s oil glands literally do not produce sufficient amounts of oil. This leaves the skin feeling tight, rough, dry and possibly even itchy or flaky. Dry skin appears to age much faster as well. This is NOT good news in a world where anti-aging is the name of the game.

Next, when the water (hydration) balance is lacking, we end up with a skin condition called DEHYDRATED skin. This means the skin is literally thirsty and unable to retain or draw hydration to the cells.

Dehydrated skin can occur on BOTH OILY & DRY skin types. It can appear to be oily, acne prone, have uneven texture, be flakey, feel tight, and or have fine lines and wrinkles. This skin condition is often caused by the use of low-quality skincare products containing harsh or irritating ingredients, or products that strip the skin of natural surface oils. Insufficient water consumption, environmental pollutants, poor diet, smoking, alcohol use or extreme weather conditions may also play a large role in dehydrated skin.

So now what?

How do we get to the bottom of all this?

First, it is important to understand HOW to properly rehydrate the skin based on whether you have a skin type (Dry) or a skin condition (Dehydrated).

Don’t go into systems overload, but we are going to throw just one more technical term your way… Transepidermal Water Loss (aka TEWL). TEWL is the term describing the process of the skin losing moisture. This takes place when the skin doesn’t have adequate sources to draw from and hold moisture in the numerous layers of skin.

Meet the Rockstar of humectants- Hyaluronic Acid.

It has the ability to draw moisture from the air and within our system. In fact, it’s such an incredible humectant it not only draws the moisture to the skin but is actually capable of retaining 1000 times its weight in moisture!

Think about it, 1 part of Hyaluronic Acid can hold 1000 parts of moisture! IMPRESSIVE, eh?

Hyaluronic Acid is also a naturally occurring component in our skin but with age and various environmental offenses can be quickly depleted, leaving skin Dry or Dehydrated.

Fear, not our treasured Pearl Family, Tahitian Pearl offers an incredibly nourishing and truly NATURAL Hyaluronic Acid with Vitamin C and vegan-friendly Collagen in a Gel Serum! Shop our products here. 

Now that we’ve covered getting hydration to the skin, how do we seal the deal?

Easy peasy!

Legitimately WHOLESOME, non-comedogenic oils (lipids).

Hey, DON’T THOSE OF YOU WITH OILY SKIN STOP LISTENING/READING, because your skin needs this source of balanced nourishment just as much as the rest of us. Here’s the skinny, WE ALL NEED THE BALANCE OF OIL & WATER!

Way too many skincare companies have taken the low road by utilizing poor quality oils all in the name of the almighty $$$$$!

Don’t misjudge the life-changing benefits and role of superior lipids in balancing ALL complexions. Tahitian Pearl’s Ser`YUM is like NO OTHER on the market. We have been extremely scrutinizing in our efforts to source only the best of the best. That means superior QUALITY comes LONG before that almighty dollar in cost.

Our goal is to seriously offer as many wholesome nourishing ingredients for the skin as we possibly can. Why you might ask… BECAUSE WE SINCERELY CARE ABOUT HELPING EACH AND EVERY MEMBER OF THE PEARL FAMILY! XOXOXOXOXOX


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ABC’s of a Balanced Acid Mantle

ABC’s of a Balanced Acid Mantle

Hello there and welcome to Tahitian Pearls Of Wisdom!

We love having visitors and hope that each time you pop in you leave having learned something new about how best to embark on your journey towards PRISTINE skin.

First on the list of must-knows is that we strongly believe in using only the very BEST ingredients in our skincare products and services.

This starts with being VERY particular in only sourcing: Organic, Cruelty-Free, Wildcrafted, Vegan, Pesticide-Free, Non-GMO, Kosher, Fair Trade or Ethically Farmed components.

Any idea why this is of the utmost importance to us?

Well, first of all, the skin is our largest organ.

At Tahitian Pearl, we really understand how imperative it is to scrutinize what is applied to it for numerous reasons. Not only does the skin assists the liver, kidneys, bowels & lungs in filtering & fighting against external toxins, free radical damage and pathogenic organisms, but it’s also the protective barrier for our internal organs, tissue, and cells.

You could call it a ‘mini immune system’.

Just imagine how overworked our actual immune system would be without such a powerhouse first line of defense! It would be virtually impossible for our body to fight off bacteria, viruses, disease, and infections.

As you can see our skin plays an enormous role in maintaining optimal health inside and out. (Go team epidermis!!!)

Errrrrk! Could we do a quick rewind back to that part where the skin is called the protective barrier?

Is it ever called something else?

Yes indeed, the protective barrier’s actual name is the Acid Mantle.

As we learned above it is quite the ALL-STAR when it comes to overall healthy skin. With that in mind, one might ask, “What does it take to keep my skin’s Acid Mantle functioning at peak capacity?”

Because the Acid Mantle is in the outer most layer of the skin, aka Stratum Corneum, it requires a balanced combination of lipids (oil) and hydration (water) to be strong enough to combat potential environmental intruders. Think of it as a personal shield of armor.

Seriously COOL, huh?

So how do we create that perfect balance?

Here’s the ABC’s for a great start:

  1. AWARENESS- Just being aware & knowing is a very effective motivational tool towards taking the proper steps in achieving a balanced Acid Mantle. (You can check this 1st step off your “To Do” list from simply reading this POW Blog)
  2. BE SELECTIVE- Consciously choose to protect your skin’s eco-system by not to allowing harsh or irritating agents to come in contact with your skin. This would include drying alcohols, toxic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, Mineral Oil, Petroleum Products, PEGs, Artificial Colors, Phthalates, unfiltered water, Parabens, Propylene Glycol, SLS etc.
  3. CHANGE & CALM- Change can be difficult for some of us. We get attached to the scent, popularity or how long we’ve used our current skincare products. But if those products aren’t truly nourishing our skin with wholesome ingredients our poor Acid Mantle can’t do its job. The journey to Pristine skin requires a CALM stress-free approach to CHANGE from old habits to reach a whole new healthy you!

When it comes to feeding and truly nourishing our largest organ, Tahitian Pearl’s skincare products really have you covered!

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